1. What if I need to stay longer than my reservation?
You extend any reservation via web or application if there is spot available at the location. You will be alerted whether there are rate difference before the extension is processed. Alternatively, you can just show up to the location and pay the difference at the gate. However, we CANNOT guarantee that the rates will be the discounted as we provide on our unique system.
2. What is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?
We understand that plans could change, so we make this simple. Reservations purchased through Parking Nexus site are fully refundable. Basically, you’ll receive a full refund even a minute before your reservation starts. You could cancel your reservation by going to "My Account > Orders > Cancel” in your account, clicking the buttons in order or calling our Customer Support at 415-290-0301.
3. Are the rates discounted for Parking Nexus? Can I get the same rate in the garage?
We would wish you the best luck! Drive-up rates in each location are always higher than what we offer for our community. Plus, depends on the day and the time, let’s say there is a Baseball game in an hour, drive-up rates could be as crazy as 3-4X more than the Parking Nexus prices.
4. Is monthly parking available?
Currently, monthly parking is NOT available; however, we are working hard to get the great list of locations together and we’ll launch the monthly parking option in the near future.
5. Is my spot guaranteed?
Of course! Once your reservation is confirmed, even if the location is full for other customers, your Parking Nexus reservation guarantees you a space. Just like that! If any case, you face with an issue feel free to call our support line at 415-290-0301.
6. How many states and cities is Parking Nexus currently operates?
Currently, Parking Nexus operates in the SF Bay Area but we are working hard getting into the entire country. We are growing Fast, so each step we take, you’ll receive an email update.
7. What are in & out privileges?
This is provided to our community as an amenity. Please make sure to check this before you book a spot if it is an important need during your reservation. Basically, at some locations you could come and go as you wish during your reservation but find out whether a spot allows for in and out access, look for the in and out amenity icon.
8. Do I have access to my Vehicle while it is parked?
Most of the locations, Yes! For valet parking locations, you need to check with the garage directly as each location has its individual policies on vehicle access.
9. Who determines my vehicle is oversized?
Good one! Some of the locations are small so they charge extra for the larger vehicles. This additional fee applies and paid upon arrival, and is determined by the on-site staff. Some of the oversize vehicles include the following:

i. SUV's (BMW X5 | Range Rover)

ii. Minivans (Honda Odyssey)

iii. Pickup Trucks (Toyota Tacoma)

iv. Box Trucks (UHaul Trucks)

10. What are those prices on the map?
The price in a pin on the map is for the minimum amount of parking time at each location starting at the current time. You can easily adjust the times of your reservation to whatever you need, and we will find you the cheapest price at each location for that time!
11. Do I have to arrive and depart at the exact start and end times of my reservation?
Not really. You paid for the time frame, so feel free to enter after the reservation started or leave earlier. For example, if your reservation goes from 10AM to 10PM, you can enter any time after 10AM, and must leave anytime between before 10PM. If you need to stay longer than the reservation time, a fee may apply. See question #12
12. How could I extend my reservation time?
That’s easy. You can go back to your reservation tab and click on extension to complete it. This could also be handled at the parking facility when arrive to pick up.
13. How do I know what to do when I arrive to the facility?
Each time you book a spot with Parking Nexus, you will receive a notification, in which, you’ll see all the details about the location.
14. Do I have to print my receipt?
Most of the locations in our network do not require printed reservations. For those that require a print-out, we make sure to list this in the description. If you do not bring the printed receipt at these locations will cause your reservation to be invalid. Please note that this is a security reason, so the attendants are asked to do it per facilities management policy.
15.What is an unattended surface lot? How do I park in an unattended parking facility?
Very simple! Those locations are simple surface lots where there is no parking attendant on duty. You can just park your Vehicle at any available spot. Please make sure not to leave anything visible in the Vehicle and do not block other vehicles. For some reason, you cannot park your Vehicle in the lot due to no spot availability, call our support line at 415-290-0301. It is also critical that you enter your license plate information accurately. Unattended surface lot will require you to enter this information when you book, and you will not be required to leave a printout unless noted differently. Your Vehicle will be checked by your license plate, so it is again important the license is entered correctly.
16. Does Parking Nexus require my license plate number at the locations?
It is a “yes” if this is a Surface Lot.
17. How do I change my license plate info?
This is an easy one! When you are on the checkout process you will be asked to either select an existing vehicle or add a new vehicle. While you are on the page, you can update/edit the existing vehicle information. To do that without checkout process, simply go to the “My Account” and click on Listing Vehicle to edit.
18. Do I have to leave my Vehicle key with the attendant?
At some locations, mostly the busy locations, the attendants do only valet parking. Parking at those locations, you will have to leave the Vehicle key with the attendant, so they can park your Vehicle safely for you. You can easily see this detail on the amenities section.
19. What if the garage is closed when I arrived to pick up my Vehicle?
This could be tricky but nothing too serious to worry about. First thing first, we will send you after hours information when your reservation is confirmed. In the confirmation there will be a section on the operations hours and the after hours policies.
20. What happens if the Vehicle is damaged during the stay?
That’s not the desired scenario but if it happens, you can resolve this with the parking management company directly. If any issue arise, we are happy to help getting things smooth out for you. Please simply call our 24/7 customer support line at 415-290-0301.
21.How would I inform Parking Nexus if I'm driving a rental Vehicle?
Very simple! While you are in the process of the reservation, the system will ask you the Vehicle information before the check out, you can simply enter the rental Vehicle info as a new vehicle in your profile and you are of course welcome to delete it as you wish. It is a couple click process.
22.Can I call Parking Nexus if there is an issue at the parking facility?
That’s why we are here! We have great relationship with the parking facilities and set the rules in advance, so we expect almost no issue when you arrive at the locations with a confirmed reservation; however, with any concern you are welcome to call and inform. We will be happy to resolve it for you. Here is again our 24/7 customer support line: 415-290-0301.
23.Can I park multiple vehicles?
That would be awesome! You simply complete multiple reservations at the same location and you're all set. All you need to do is two transaction which takes less than a minimum all together. How simple is that!
24. Are there any additional fees on-site?
There are additional charges in 3 cases. First case is as simple as if the Vehicle is oversized this is going to be determined by the parking management and there maybe additional cost at the entrance. Second case is if you would like to enter to the facility earlier than the Parking Nexus reservation start time and the last case is if you keep the Vehicle longer than the Parking Nexus reservation. Please make sure that in each case the additional cost will be determined by the parking management.
25. Can I book a spot for someone else?
Of course! We want to make sure all the booking handled with simple steps, even if you are doing it for someone else. Very nice of you!
26. Is handicapped parking available?
They are available in many of our partners locations. Please make sure to follow the amenities for perfect fit.
27. Can I get refund if I end up not using the spot that I booked?
We want to be fair! So the answer is yes and no. Yes to any booking that is canceled timely, so you will be refunded promptly. No to the booking that you never canceled and ended up not using the spot. We basically kept the spot open until your reservation, so we will not refund.